Terms and conditions


The following arrangements are generally applicable general terms and conditions of the service called Trips for a day (further only "Terms"), which the Provider offers to his Customers, and concerning all legal relations between the Provider and the Customer arising in connection with this service.

                                                                     Introductory agreements
1. The Provider of the service is the company Jiří Dráb – Day trips (further only "Provider").
2. The Provider offers services through his website http://www.tripsforaday.com. By services is meant the provision of Internet access to a chosen itinerary for cycling, hiking, cross-country or in-lining routes to the Customers, i.e. especially maps, plans, videos, ...

3. After completing the Trip order and a fee payment, the Customer is ensured registration and access to the itinerary of their chosen route.
4. A Customer of the company Jiří Dráb – Day trips can be any natural or legal person who orders some services from the Provider form the Day trips (further only Customer) – that means that they complete the web site order form on (www.tripsforaday.com) and then send it to the operator through the online system. These terms, in the current wording, including any amendments or extensions are an integral part of the order.
5. By submitting the online order form, the Customer expresses their unequivocal consent to the Terms as well as the contents; specifications and price of the ordered services form the Provider's menu.

6. The Customers and the Provider are both required to comply with the conditions hereof in the course of the subscription.
                                                         The order, contract closure
1. A contract is concluded by the Customer sending an order to the Provider in the way described in Article I, paragraph 4 and paying the price for the ordered services to the Provider's bank account. The contract is considered concluded as soon as the price of the services is credited to the Provider's account
2. After checkout and payment for the services (i.e. crediting the payment to the Provider's bank account) the Customer is enabled to use the ordered service.
3. The Customer may pay for the services in one of these ways:
a) By credit card VISA or MASTER CARD.
b) Through Wallet GoPay.
c) By using the payment buttons of Raiffeisenbank, Commercial Bank, Fio bank and mBank located on the Provider's website (this option is only for Customers who have a bank account at these banks).

4. The Provider is not responsible for any misuse of the Customer's log in data or their personal information or information of any third parties, on which basis he received and accepted the service offer or carried out any required change to existing records and services, unless the Provider has caused the misuse himself. As a misuse of the information by the Provider cannot be considered sending the information to the Customer's designated contact email address or repeated sending or communicating them to the Customer upon their request after a relevant verification of such request.
5. The Customer acknowledges and agrees with the fact that the Provider will send to their contact email commercial messages and information about new products in their range as well as the fact that the Provider may use the information about the Customer (with the exception of personal data which is subject to special regulations) for their marketing purposes. This mainly concerns including the Customer in the operator's references, including a possible excerpt from their email correspondence
                                                               Running the services
1. The Provider shall ensure the operation of the services, as is apparent from the specification on the website www.tripsforaday.com, with a supreme effort to ensure the maximum availability and efficiency at all times. The Provider communicates with Customers primarily through his website www.tripsforaday.com, the Customer's administrative interface and also through e-mail or phone (if the Customer has provided their phone number). The customer communicates with the Provider by e-mail.

2. The Provider reserves the right to flexibly carry out any necessary maintenance to their network and hardware and software, through which the services are provided. The Customer acknowledges and agrees with the fact that upon discovering any serious problem, which endanger people and/or the functionality of the services and/or the network, the Provider has the right to immediately and completely cease the operation of services so as to be able to promptly remove the cause of the problem. At the same time in such a situation the Provider is entitled to inform the Customers of all the relevant facts after ensuring the safety of people and operation.

3. The Customer acknowledges and agrees with the fact that the Provider assumes no responsibility (and therefore does not provide compensation) for any disruption of the services, which he has not demonstrably caused himself, particularly technical faults and outages:
• caused by technical or other problems of any subcontractors (including lack of coverage of mobile phone networks
• caused by a higher power
4. The Provider is not liable to Customers or third parties for any financial, material or other loss, caused by the malfunction or interruption of services. A service provided through the Internet network itself excludes (due to technical essence the Internet) the possibility of any warranty of the operation itself.
5. The Provider is not responsible for changes to the recommended trip routes that cannot be affected by him, in particular the changes in the practicability of communications or running of restaurants, accommodation and other facilities at the route and surrounding areas.
                                                              Updating the routes
1. The Provider continually updates the recommended routes. Provision of the updated itinerary is also charged for, while the Customer who has bought a particular route in the past is entitled to receive an updated route at a discounted rate.

2. The Provider has the right to apply a special offer to his standard services e.g. provision of a new service or new ancillary service to the current service at introductory rates; application of time-limited benefits of the given service, such as reducing its cost or waiving the set up fee. The services set up within the special offer are governed by the published terms and conditions of the offer and are valid for a period specified by the Administrator. All services, which are at the time of the introduction of the special offer already set up or were ordered after the end of the special offer are not entitled to receive the favourable terms. The possibility to change an existing common service used by the Customer to a service specified in the special offer is determined by the Provider and this change is not enforceable by the Customer. The Provider reserves the right to change the published special offers, extend or prematurely terminate them without any compensation.

3. The Provider has the right to completely remove any service from their menu at any time.
4. As a sufficient information about the changes in the service offer under this paragraph shall be deemed an appropriate adjustment of the Provider's website
1. By completing the order the Customer expresses their agreement with the price charged for the service. Prices for services are based on the price list published on the Provider's website.

2. The Customer acknowledges and agrees with the fact that the ordered services will be made available to them upon the receipt of the agreed and identified payment to the Provider's account. If a payment for the ordered services is not credited to the operator's account within 1 month of placing the order, the entire order will be cancelled.

3. The Customer acknowledges and agrees with the fact that they themselves are solely responsible for making the payment to the Provider at the correct amount, under the correct payment reference number and to the correct bank account. Any fee associated with each payment must be paid by the Customer, not the Provider. This concerns mainly outgoing payment fees, international payment fees, online credit card payment fees etc. If the Customer fails to make the payment properly, the payment will not be able to be identified correctly by the Provider and the service fee shall be deemed outstanding with all resulting consequences. A received and unidentified or duplicate payment is not refundable by the Provider and the Customer has the option to use the credit to pay for other services already ordered from the Operator or for an order placed within two months of receipt of such payment.
4. After crediting the Customer's payment to the Provider's account, the Provider will upon request issue the Customer with a regular invoice delivered to the Customer in a manner that is consistent with the relevant provisions of the law. For these purposes is as sufficient considered for example an email or access to the invoice in the administration in a suitable electronic form (for example PDF or HTML). The prices are increased by the VAT charge according to the current law. In accordance with these regulations, the tax documents show the date of the tax charge.

5. If the Customer does not use or wishes to stop using the commissioned service in the ordered extend, they are not entitled to any refund of any prior payments made to the Provider in connection with these services
1. The Provider may change any part of these Terms any time, with the effect from the first day of the calendar month following the publication. By continuing to use their services after the change of these Terms or other related documents, the Customer gives their clear and unequivocal consent to the new wording of these documents and shows their full acceptance of these during the use of the services.

2. The Customer is not entitled to copy, send to another person by e-mail or spread by any other means the route itinerary as well as any other output obtained from the Provider's website.
3. These Terms are valid and effective from 1 March 2014. These Terms apply to all services provided by the Provider.