Český Krumlov

Type: Walking route Distance: 6.0 km Difficulty: Easy Vertical 60 m Rating: 100/5

South Bohemian cities (Jihočeská města), Czech Republic

Český Krumlov


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The starting point of our 6 km long route is a train station in Český Krumlov. Here you can also find a bus station and free parking. From the train station building head right. Use a pedestrian crossing and go along tř. Míru street. At all crossroads keep along the main road following tř. Míru and red hiking marks. When the road starts to bend sharply right, into a hairpin, cross the street and continue on a sidewalk with a railing along the road. After a 250 meter will the sidewalk continue onto a path which will lead you to the car park at the castle.

Go through the car park towards the castle and small wooden bridge over the river Polečnice. Go over the bridge and turn right onto a nearby stairs leading up to the castle. Climb up the stairs and turn left. At the castle gate head right, along K Zámecké zahradě street. You will reach Castle Garden. Here we recommend to go first left past the Revolving Theatre to Castle Pond and then head back to the opposite end of the garden with Riding Hall. Ramparts near the Riding Hall offers beautiful views of historical centre of thy city and the castle complex. From the Riding Hall return back to the castle gate.

Český Krumlov Castle Complex is the second largest castle complex in the Czech Republic after Prague Castle. It offers various guided tours and exhibitions. Go through the castle complex towards castle tower. Exit the castle by nearby gate with bears and keep an eye on a stairs on your right.

Turn right and walk down along the castle steps to Latrán Street. From the stairs continue straight towards Lzebnický Bridge just over the corner. Behind the bridge at the second intersection turn right, into Dlouhá Street. Then at another second intersection turn left, into Široká Street. Go along Široká Street, past Art Centre Egon Schiele, to the intersection at Hotel Zlatý Anděl. Here head slightly left, into Kájovská Street and then right into Kostelní Street. Along it you will get to the nearby St. Vítus Church. At the crossroad at the church turn left towards Svornosti Square (Town Square).

Exit the town square at the northwest corner, past the Museum of Torture, into Radniční Street. Head back over Lazebnický Bridge and continue straight past the stairs, by which you went earlier. At the crossroad with a green house heat slightly right still along Latran Street. At the second intersection at the Červená Gate leading back to the castle turn right into Klášterní street. Here you will find a old Monastery and a small park. This place is usually quiet and offers a moment of peace from the rush streets of the city. Then head back and continue along Latrán Street to Budějovická Gate with a bridge.

Behind the bridge, turn right. Go past the cinema building towards Serpentina (a hairpin uphill brick path). Here again join the red tourist signs. Along the paved hairpin path go back to tř. Míru Street. Continue up the hill back to the train station station, where our route ends. 

  • Train station Český Krumlov

  • Car park at the castle (P1 - JELENKA )

  • Castle Gardens

  • Revolving Theatre Český Krumlov

  • Castle Pond

  • Český Krumlov Castle Complex

  • Egon Schiele Art Centrum

  • St. Vitus Church in Český Krumlov

  • Svornosti Square (Town Square)

  • Monastery

  • Budějovická Gate

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  • Train station Český Krumlov Train station Český Krumlov

    The train and bus Station Nádraží Český Krumlov with a free car park.

    Open: Admission:
    Train station Český Krumlov Direction of the route Train station Český Krumlov
  • Car park at the castle (P1 - JELENKA ) Car park at the castle (P1 - JELENKA )

    Large Paid parking located directly below the castle area. Our route leads directly through the parking lot, so you won't have any problems to join in. 

    Open: Admission: 35 CZK/hour
    Parking ticket machine and also the direction of the route Car park at the castle (P1 - JELENKA ) Car park at the castle (P1 - JELENKA )

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