Hluboká nad Vltavou

Type: Walking route Distance: 10.3 km Difficulty: Easy Vertical 79 m Rating: 100/5

South Bohemian cities (Jihočeská města), Czech Republic

Hluboká nad Vltavou


From the train station Hluboká n. Vlt. Head north (if you are facing the station building, left) to a junction, where you turn right. Continue along the main road for about 750 meters to a distant busy road. Just before the road turn left to a underpass.

From the car park at Zoo Go across a road, on your left hand you will have a hunting chateau and the Zoo. After visiting those head along a path along Munický Pond towards city Hluboká nad Vltavou. After a while, you will see a small chapel of St. Roch on your left hand. Cross the road, go pass the small chapel and continue towards a underpass.

Go through the underpass beneath the main road. Behind a bridge, turn left. At a pound will the path change from paved to a dirt one. Continue up the path along a small canal, which leads to the famous bike path from Ceske Budejovice to Hluboka nad Vltavou. Here turn left. You will arrive at a crossroads Podskalská meadow. From here follow the blue tourist signs.

  • In the case that you will go after it rains or during fishing events at the pond (and the underpass will be closed or flooded) , go to the other side of the main road, turn right and continue along the road. After a moment, turn left towards nearby village Bavorovice, where at the beginning of the village, turn left again and continue along the football field towards Hluboka nad Vltavou. (bypass the pond Naděje)

Continue along the trail past sports and relaxation center, golf course and sports complex towards Hluboká n. Vlt city. You will reach the end of the trail, where you will go over the main road and then head left. Here you will leave the blue tourist signs and join the red ones. At the next intersection turn right and then go left into one-way road along a stone wall.

You have reached the square of the Czechoslovak Army, continue straight past the church into Masarykova Street. At the information center, turn right and then right again into Bezručova Street. From now on you are no longer following the red hiking signs. Along a gentle climb past souvenir shops you will arrive at the Hotel Štekl, behind which is the entrance to the castle gardens. On the southern edge of the garden is an amazing view of the České Budejovice.

After visiting the castle and castle gardens go back along Bezručova Street to the intersection at the information center and go straight, into Zborovska Street. At the end of the street turn right into Nad Parkovistem Street. Here you will join the yellow hiking signs. Go through a central car park towards a supermarket, where turn left to a roundabout. Go across a road and go straight, to a nearby pond Munický (itinerary point - at a roundabout). At the shore, turn left and continue along the pond to the zoo. For those of you who have parked in the car park at the zoo will this be the end of the trip.

For those who arrived by train:
If you feel like go visit the Zoo Hluboká. Then behind a hunting chateau turn right, onto a road. Behind a left turn at a crossroads U Vondrova, turn from the main road left, the signpost U Vondrova is difficult to see. Go along garages to an intersection, where you turn right and go back to the train station Hluboká n. Vlt. 

  • Train station Hluboká n. Vlt.

  • Sport and relax center

  • Information center Hluboká n. Vlt.

  • St. Jana Nepomucký Church

  • Restaurants and souvenir shops

  • Hotel Štekl

  • Hluboká Castle

  • Viewpoint at the Castle

  • Central cark park

  • Zoo and Museum of hunting, forestry and fishing

  • Car park at the ZOO

Hints and Tips

Wear outdoor shoes, you will go 500 meters along unpaved road. 

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  • Car park at the ZOO Car park at the ZOO

    Paid car park at the zoo. 

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