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  • Three sights trip by car Three sights trip by car

    TUSCANY. The route starts at a car park near Follonica. This is a car trip with three short walks to the pearls of the Tuscan coast.

    Type:: Distance: 45.5 km Difficulty: Easy Rating: 100/5


  • Trip to a beautiful beach - Cala Violina Trip to a beautiful beach - Cala Violina

    TUSCANY. Ideal hike for active retirees. Swimming and the hike is really worth it.

    Type:: Walking route Distance: 7.4 km Difficulty: Medium Rating: 80/5


  • Follonica, beautifull viewpoint - Pievaccia Follonica, beautifull viewpoint - Pievaccia

    TUSCANY. Ideal for a spring trip. A short hike (5 km + 15 km by car), where you can feel the ancient history. We certainly recommend to wait for a fine weather day so you could fully enjoy beautiful views of surrounding area.

    Type:: Walking route Distance: 20.5 km Difficulty: Medium Rating: 60/5


  • Follonica, view of the sea - Punta Ala Follonica, view of the sea - Punta Ala

    TUSCANY. The first half of the route leads on paved forest path along the Tyrrhenian Sea to the wonderful viewpoint with the sea and the lighthouse. If you are lucky, you will hear the sound of the violin at one magical place. With the purchase of our Tuscan trips will get important information about the way there and back. We save you both time and money and also recommend accommodation place. The starting point of our route is accommodation in apartment houses with private beaches.

    Type:: Bicycle route Distance: 53.1 km Difficulty: Difficult Rating: 100/5


  • Follonica, ancient castle - Scarlino Follonica, ancient castle - Scarlino

    TUSCANY. A short route, especially suitable for an evening trip after a day spent at beach. Main event on this trip will be a visit of ancient castle surrounded by wine region. You can also enjoy the charming streets of the city centre with cozy pubs. The castle itself is situated on the highest point of the village.

    Type:: Bicycle route Distance: 37.5 km Difficulty: Medium Rating: 80/5


  • Follonica, archaeological sites - Populonia Follonica, archaeological sites - Populonia

    TUSCANY. This route is ideal for people interested in archaeological excavations. The cycling route of length 51 km will take a whole day. From the city of Follonica you will get to the archaeological park, where you can explore the 7th-4th century BC. You will see one of the most important Etruscan settlements with tumulus tombs. You can also go swimming in nearby bay.

    Type:: Bicycle route Distance: 51.0 km Difficulty: Medium Rating: 100/5


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