Prague, Karlštejn Castle

Type: Bicycle route Distance: 42.7 km Difficulty: Difficult Vertical 121 m Rating: 100/5

Prague (Praha), Czech Republic

Prague, Karlštejn Castle

From the square in Prague-Řeporyje go into Dalejská Street and continue down the street to a nearby viaduct. At the viaduct turn with caution left over the bridge. In the forest you come to Y-shaped crossroads, where you turn right over a brook and continue past a former factory, where the road turns left.

Here will the quality of the road get worse. Not far behind the factory at a sign turn sharply right. You will be passing a Natural monument Černý lom along a rocky road. Then you will be crossing a brook and go past cottages to a footbridge at railway tracks.

Go over the footbridge and into a short steep climb. At the top turn right. Then go downhill along a narrow path with a rail. Watch out for steps in the path. Soon you come to the Natural Monument Červený lom. Here watch out for wooden retarders on the road. At the point where the road meets with railway tracks is another side road. We recommend to continue further left and after a 50 meters at an asphalt road to turn right, towards Hlubočepy. At a viaduct continue straight past a playground.

You are now in the Nature reserve Prokopské údolí. After passing two viaducts along a asphalt road you come to a side road at pond. It is a very nice palce surounded by rocks. Behind the pond at a triangular crossroads in Hlubočepy continue straight towards a nearby stone bridge. Go over the bridge and at a crossroads in Hlubočepy turn left onto a main road. Along a slight downhill you get to another stone bridge, behind which keep an eye on a side road leading right, towards Radotín. Behind a vidauct turn right. Pass under the road junction and when you reach another viaduct, turn behind it left, under a main road leading to Radotín.

You finally get to the river Vltava where you can have a nice view of Vyšehrad. Those of you who come in direction from the center (Malá Strana), then continue along the river. Turn right and continue upstream along the river. On your right hand you will a car park and an underpass. Here you can join our route if you are coming from direction of Velká Chuchle by turning at the river right. The rest of you still continue along the river. You will then go for a short time along a one-way street, which does not apply for cyclist.

Behind a football pich is a path leading to a river with river ferry by which you can join the rout in direction from Modřany. At the next crossroads continue under a bridge and then straight, along a river. Behind a bridge go past a fenced area along a pavement, behind which will the trail lead you back to the river. You've come to Radotín bridge, which is part of an outer ring of Prague. Under this bridge is a newly opened cycling trail from district Komorany. If you come from there turn right and continue upstream Berounka River. The rest of you just pass under the bridge.

Behind the bridge keep left and follow a paved road to Radotín. Here you can find a car park near a fast food. Those joining the route from Radotín will just go to the river and turn right. Those of you who will join the route from Zbraslav turn behind the river left. Near a foot bridge is the church of Sts. Peter and Pavel. Rest of you go under the footbridge and continue along the river. At a high voltage pylon continue straight along cycling trail No. 3 to nearby Černošice. Here you will join an asphalt road. On arrival at this small town you pass a weir, behind which will the trail lead you in front of a footbridge right. At a railway tracks, turn left and continue straight. Ignore all side roads. Continue along a railway tracks till you reach a main road and turn left. In a village continue along Dr. Janského Street. Behind a chapel, in right-hand bend, leave the main road and continue straight to footbridge over the river Berounka. Behind the footbridge is a unpleasant downhill with a bend at the end. Continue right along railway tracks past a train stop Všenory to crossroads with a main road. Keep right, along the cycling trail. Behind a train station Bedřichovice, turn right over railway trails. After a wile turn left onto a footbridge and behind it head left. 300 meters behind the footbridge will the trail bends to the left and then to the right towards a nearby castle.

Behind a footbridge turn left. Then continue under a main road towards Karlštejn. At an information center is a pedestrian crossing, at which you turn right. Here you can also find an ATM. Behind a brook turn right onto a promenade, which will lead you to a musem of clocks and native scenes. Then continue along the promenade to Karlštejn Castle where you can visit a wax museum. A tour of the castle is possible only after a reservation.

From the castle then return back to the main road and turn right. After a while you cross a river and behind it turn right, towards a train station. From here you get back to Prague by train. Of course you can also return back the same way you came. 

  • Car park in Lužinky

  • Černý lom (quarry)

  • Červený lom (quarry)

  • Jezírko (Hlubočepy) Lake

  • Car park at a river.

  • Side road behind a car park

  • Car park at a small restaurant

  • Bistro U Ondřeje (small restaurant)

  • Church of Sts. Petr a Pavel

  • Small restaurant

  • Weir in Černošicích

  • Dobřichovice Castle

  • Train station Zadní Třebaň

  • Karlštejn Infocenter

  • Car park in Karlštejn

  • Nativity Scene Museum

  • Wax Museum

  • Karlštejn Castle

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