Prague - Petrin Hill and Old Town Square

Type: Walking route Distance: 10.6 km Difficulty: Medium Vertical 144 m Rating: 100/5

Prague (Praha), Czech Republic

Prague - Petrin Hill and Old Town Square

The new building of Central Station is the starting point of this beautiful trip through the historical center of Prague on Petrin Hill and back. From the station building, turn left and go along Washington Street to the National Museum. You will get to the corner of Wenceslas square (Václavské náměsti or just Václavák) in front of the statue of St. Vaclav and Metro station of lines B and C Museum. Continue down the Wenceslas Square. Around the middle of the square, behind the entrance to the metro station A and B Můstek you will cross tram tracks. From this point watch for the entrance to passage in palace U Stýblů on left side of the square. There is big blue sign "PALAC U STYBLU" above the entrance. Go through the palace passage to the Franciscan garden. Go transversely through garden to the back gate which leads to Jungmannovo Square. If, for some reason, the palace or gardens are closed walk through the Wenceslas square to the end. Turn left and go along the 28. října street to Jungmannovo Square.

From the monument go straight ahead cross the road and along the building of bank CSOB to Perlova street. Follow the road to triangular square Uhelný Trh. Here turn left to Martinská street. Go along the church. At the crossroad turn right into the street Na Perštýně. Go straight and at second intersection turn left to Betlémské square. If you have any problems just look for tourist signs "Betlémská kaple". Walk the square along the chapel and at the end turn right into Liliová street. The street ends at the intersection with Karlova Street. Here, turn left and go along the Karlova street to the Charles Bridge (Karlův most).

At the start of the Charles Bridge (Karlův most)  you can visit bridge tower, which offers an interesting exhibitions, a short documentary film in many languages and magnificent views of the city from the roof of the tower. Continue across the Charles Bridge (Karlův most) . Near the end of the bridge keep an eye on the stairs down on left side. Walk down the stairs and continue straight past the Liechtenstein Palace and Werichs house to the park. Go straight through park to the Kampa Museum. After the visit of the museum leave the building using the yellow gate near the gift shop. If you don't want to visit the museum just go along the museum wall the yellow gate. From the gate go straight through park and across nearby small bridge. Go cross the large parking lot and exit through the gate at the end leading to Všehrdova street. Right in front of the gate is a restaurant Tlusta mys. Turn right and go along the street to busy intersection. Use nearby pedestrian crossing and go into the archway of the house on the other side of the intersection. Here is a station of Petrin Cableway, which is part of the Prague public transport. Here you can either use the cableway or get to the top on foot.

If you decide to go to Petrin on foot, continue straight up the hill and after a few meters turn right over the overpass over the cableway to the playground with low fence. From the playground keep left and go straight on the road up the hill along the statue of Jan Neruda. At the crossroads go straight up. Go through the tunnel under the cableway and continue past the statue of Vitezslav Novak to the crossroad with a memorial of Karel Hynek Macha. Here turn right. At next crossroads take keep right and go by the most steep path to the second station of cableway Nebozizek. Turn right and walk under the cableway. Continue straigh along the path past the restaurant Petrinske Terasy. When you reach a crossroads near low walls turn right. Go by the steep path with stairs along the wall to the peak of Petrin.

Here you can enjoy beautiful views of the whole city. Especially those from the tower is worth it. Near the observation tower is a small park with refreshments, toilet and mirror maze. If you go pasth the mirror maze you will get to the cableway station and to the observatory. If you want to use the cableway during whole trip you can use it also to go down the hill and return by the same path to the Charles Bridge and join our trip again there. Return back to the observatory tower and go back down by the same road along the low walls and continue on this road all way down. Then turn right and go past building of Graphic School to the street Hellichova.

At the crossing with busy main street go straight still on Hellichova street. When you reach Nosticova theatre go the parking lot and over small bridge back to Kampa and back to Charles Bridge (Karlův most) . From the stairs go right and back to Karlova street. Follow the Karlova street the Staroměstské square (Old Town Square) with the Astronomical Clock. From the Astronomical Clock go straight into small street between buildings called Melantrichova. After a while at the crossroads the street changes to Na Můstku. Go still straight till you reach Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí) . Go back to the building of museum at the far end of the square and turn left to Washingtonova street, which leads back to the Central railway station. 

  • Prague Main Railway Station

  • National Museum and metro C station

  • Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí)

  • U Stýblů Palace

  • Franciscan Gardens

  • Jungmanovo Square

  • Uhelný trh

  • St. Martin in the Wall Church

  • Betlémské Square

  • Charles Bridge (Karlův most)

  • Kampa Island

  • Liechtenstein Palace and Werich's villa

  • Kampa Museum

  • Cable Railway Station Újezd

  • Petřínské terasy/sady

  • Petřín Hill

  • Štefánikova Observatory and Petřín Station

  • Old Town Square

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  • Zličín car park Zličín car park

    From the car park walk to the nearby bus station. Take metro B line to the Můstek station. Můstek metro station has lots of exits, be careful to take the one leading to Václavské náměstí (Wenceslas Square). From here walk up the square to the riding statue and building of National Museum where you can join our route. (itinerary/POI "National Museum") 

    Open: Admission:
    Nearby bus station with a metro station Entrance to the metro station Zličín car park
  • Černý most Černý most

    There are two large guarded parking lots. After parking your vehicle go towards building of nearby bus station, where you can find metro B line station Černý most. Take metro B line to the Můstek station. Můstek metro station has lots of exits, be careful to take the one leading to Václavské náměstí (Wenceslas Square). From here walk up the square to the riding statue and building of National Museum where you can join our route. (itinerary/POI "National Museum"). If you don't mind changing trains you can also go to Florence station and then transfer to metro C line (in direction to Háje) and ride to the Muzeum station, which is located directly at our route. (itinerary/POI "National Museum") 

    Open: Admission: 20Kc
    Černý most Černý most Černý most
  • Letňany Letňany

    From the car park walk down to the nearby metro station Letňany. Here take metro C line (in direction to Háje) to the Muzeum station. Here you can join our route. (itinerary/POI "National Museum")

    Open: Admission:
    Letňany Letňany Letňany
  • Chodov

    Metro Station C Chodov is located in the Chodov Shopping centre. Take metro C line (in direction to Letňany) to the Muzeum station. Here you can join our route. (itinerary/POI "National Museum")  

    Open: Admission:

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