Trip to Karlstejn Castle

Type: Walking route Distance: 4.3 km Difficulty: Medium Vertical 80 m Rating: 60/5

Prague (Praha), Czech Republic

Trip to Karlstejn Castle

You can start this trip either by car or train. Route description can be found in the Itinerary. If you want to visit the castle on a bike, our route from the Prague center can be found here

  • [Karlštejn train station : 32 m] Karlštejn train station

    Exit the station building, turn right and follow the yellow tourist signs. Continue to a railway crossing and turn left. 

    Starting point of this route is Karlstejn train station. Online train/bus timetables.

    Public toilets at the train station Restaurant next to the train station Direction of the route


  • [At a railway crossing : 306 m] At a railway crossing

    Turn left and cross the river over a bridge.

    At a railway crossing


  • [Behind the bridge : 549 m] Behind the bridge

    Behind the bridge turn right.

  • [Turning off the main road : 672 m] Turning off the main road

    Turn left and along a promenade you get to the castle.

  • [Behind the promenade : 1,721 km] Behind the promenade

    Turn left and proceed to the castle along the red tourist signs. Along the way you can stop at the Wax Museum. 

  • [Karlštejn Castle : 2,163 km] Karlštejn Castle

    After a visit of the castle return by the same way back.

    Gothic castle Karlstejn was founded by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1348. The castle was built as a personal residence and then enlarged for protection of the crown jewels and holy relics. Karštejn is one of the largest national cultural monument and is one of the most visited castles in the Czech Republic.

    FEBRUARY open at the weekend only from 10 am till 15 pm. Without reservation HERE is not possible to visit the castle. 

    Karlštejn Castle Karlštejn Castle


  • Karlštejn train station

  • Karlštejn car park


  • Nativity Scene Museum

  • Wax Museum

  • Karlštejn Castle

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  • Karlštejn car park Karlštejn car park

    You can also join the rout from a car park in Karlstejn.

    Open: Admission:
    Karlštejn car park Karlštejn car park

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