Trip to Karlstejn Castle

Type: Walking route Distance: 4.3 km Difficulty: Medium Vertical 80 m Rating: 60/5

Prague (Praha), Czech Republic

Trip to Karlstejn Castle

You can start this trip either by car or train. Route description can be found in the Itinerary. If you want to visit the castle on a bike, our route from the Prague center can be found here

  • Karlštejn train station

  • Karlštejn car park


  • Nativity Scene Museum

  • Wax Museum

  • Karlštejn Castle

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  • Karlštejn car park Karlštejn car park

    You can also join the rout from a car park in Karlstejn.

    Open: Admission:
    Karlštejn car park Karlštejn car park

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