Zoo Prague, Botanical garden and Krizik Fountain

Type: Walking route Distance: 16.4 km Difficulty: Medium Vertical 134 m Rating: 100/5

Prague (Praha), Czech Republic

Zoo Prague, Botanical garden and Krizik Fountain


The starting point of this full-day trip is metro C line station Nádraží Holešovice (Holešovice railway station). The best option for this trip would be to buy a 24h ticket for Prague public transport. Or you can buy just a short time ticket directly at the metro station, the bus to the ZOO only takes about 10 minutes. The bus stop is located on the left hand side of the metro station building. Here take the bus line number 112 to the station "Zoologicka zahrada".

Zoologicka zahrada station is located directly in front of the entrance to the Prague ZOO. This will be the central point of our trip. If you wish to visit only certain parts of the route or visit them in different order, you can always rejoin our trip here.

Botanical Garden

From the bus stop head in the direction of vineyards to the nearby crossroad, here turn left. After a few meters you reach a pedestrian crossing. Turn right and walk up the stairs to a small white house. Continue along the road. Turn right and after a few meters you will reach the entrance to the Botanical Garden. If for any reason you want to avoid the stairs, do not turn right at the pedestrian crossing and just continue straight along Trojska Street. At the second intersection turn right into Nadvorni Street which will take you to the Botanical Garden entrance.

Enter the Botanical Garden through the turnikets. At the first crossing turn right and then at the next crossing turn left. You will reach the Exhibition Hall (Vystavni sal). Here you can find various exhibitions about plants. From the exhibition head back to the crossroads and go to the wall with a small gate. Here you can find a small chapel and a beautiful viewpoint of the Troja Chateau.

Head back through the small gate and continue straight through the park to the nearby restaurant and a small greenhouse. At the greenhouse turn right and go along the road to the top of the hill with metal statues. Enter the forest. Here you can find the exhibition of Forest Habitats. Continue along the forest path. When you reach two crossroads close together go as if straight across(turn right and immediately left). The direction is marked as „Pokladna sever". After approximately 200 meters you will reach a small pond. Here you will find the exhibition of wetlands. Just before you reach the pond there is a small path to the right going through conifer trees. This path will lead you to a crossroad with irises. Here turn left and continue straight to the north exit of the gardens marked as „Pokladna Sever".

Exit the gardens and immediately turn left through a small green metal gate leading to a forest. From here follow the signs „Fata Morgana". Go through the forest around the garden than join the downhill dirt road which will lead you to the entrance to the Fata Morgana Grennhouse.

Here you can also buy tickets. At the entrance hall you will have to leave your bags at reception. The greenhouse is composed of three different bioms representing different areas of Earth.

From the greenhouse head right and follow the red painted asphalt road which will lead you to the back exit. Continue straight along Trojska Street which will lead you back to the bus stop in front of the Zoo.

Prague ZOO

At the entrance to the zoo you can buy various types of tickets. The Zoo itself is very clearly marked with lots of mini maps and it should not be a problem for you to explore it on your own or you can follow our shorter route.

Troja Chateau 

Our last stop in this area will be the Troja Chateau which is located directly opposite the entrance to the ZOO. It is one of the most beautiful chateaus from the 17. century in Bohemia. Especially the painted interior is a must see. The chateau is surrounded by a french-style park.

From the Chateau to the Krizik fountain on foot 

After visiting the chateau head towards the back entrance of the chateau building with a decorated staircase. From the stairs go straight through the park past a fountain to the back exit. Here turn left and continue along the asphalt road to the nearby bridge. Cross the bridge and continue straight past some restaurants to another bridge. After crossing the bridge use the pedestrian crossing, walk down the stairs and continue straight to the nearby tunnel under the railway. At the crossroads behind it turn left. Continue straight following the signs „Vystaviste Holesovice" which will lead you to the main entrance to Holešovice Exhibition Grounds with Krizik Fountain.

Krizik Fountain - Vystaviste Holesovice (exhibition grounds)

Go through the gate and continue to the main building with a clock tower. The Krizik's Singing Fountain is located just behind the building and you can reach it by going around the building using either side. The show starts at 8PM,9PM and 10PM. Tickets are sold directly at the entrance to the fountain.

Alternative route if you are returnig from the zoo by a bus or coming from the city center: Use a metro (city centre) or a bus (zoo) to the Metro C line station Nadrazi Holesovice. From there take a tram (nuber 12, 17, 24) to the Výstavistě Holešovice station. The fountain is located in the areal of exhibiton grounds just behind the main building with a clock tower. 

After visiting the fountain head back to the main entrance of the exhibition ground. Here you can use the public transport or just walk to the nearby metro station heading left from the exit/entrance. Public transport ticket machine is located at the exit/entrance to the Exhibition Grounds. 

  • Metro C line station Nádraží Holešovice

  • Botanical Gardens Troja

  • Exhibit hall

  • The vineyards and St. Klára's chapel

  • Small greenhouse

  • Forest habitats

  • Wetlands

  • Gravel Pit

  • Fata Morgana

  • ZOO Prague

  • Indonesian jungle

  • Polar Bears

  • Africa from Near

  • Hippos

  • Valley of Elephants

  • View tower Obora

  • Vultures

  • Troja Chateau

  • Stromovka Park

  • Planetarium

  • Holešovice Exhibition Grounds

  • Krizik's Singing Fountain

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  • Zličín car park Zličín car park

    From the carpark walk to the nearby bus station. Take metro B line to the Florence station. Here transfer to metro C line (in direction to Letňany) to the Nádraží Holešovice station.

    Open: Admission:
    Nearby bus station with a metro station Entrance to the metro station Zličín car park
  • Černý most Černý most

    There are two large guarded parking lots. After parking your vehicle go towards building of nearby bus station, where you can find metro B line station Černý most. Take metro B line to the Florence station. Here transfer to metro C line (in direction to Letňany) to the Nádraží Holešovice station. 

    Open: Admission: 20Kc
    Černý most Černý most Černý most
  • Letňany Letňany

    From the car park walk down to the nearby metro station Letňany. Here take metro C line (in direction to Háje) to the Nádraží Holešovice station.

    Open: Admission:
    Letňany Letňany Letňany
  • Chodov

    Metro Station C Chodov is located in the Chodov Shopping centre. Take metro C line (in direction to Letňany) to the Nádraží Holešovice station. 

    Open: Admission:

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